Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Surgery

Ok...This is IT!!! I sure hope it is. On August 20th I had my hernia surgery. I got several incisional hernias from my previous surgeries...Ugh! Again I was afraid to go into the surgery room the whole thing about being put under the tube down my throat. ICK! It took me forever to wake up. I think I like being asleep..haha The pain was way worse than I thought. The incisions were small but I had quite a few hernias they had to repair. It hurt to move it hurt to sleep blah blah. I was out of work a week. When I got back I just took it easy and stayed in the office and worked. It's been four weeks today and I still have some pain and I am still bloated I feel like a fat cow..argh! I still can't exercise. I know I must be patient and I'm trying. I'm just so sick of recovery! Enough!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lake Siskiyou

In early August we took a trip to Lake Siskiyou..It was our family Autumn Nathan's girlfriend and Emily Shannen's friend joined us. It took us five hours to get there. We had a very relaxing and great time. We celebrated Shannen's 16th birthday while we were there. We went Kayaking and played games at night. Took her to dinner and she had a watermelon cake..haha
She loved it. Loved spending the week with the family. Great time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls Tahoe Weekend!

The 2nd weekend in July was our 5th annual Cousin Tahoe trip. We had a great time!
Arrived in Tahoe Friday. Went to dinner then checked out the casinos. George his friend Matt and Jeff were there for this celebrity golf weekend thing. We visited with them for a bit. Went to dinner then checked out the casinos. On Saturday we hung out at the beach. It was great relaxing loved it! For dinner we went to an amazing Italian restaurant then out to a club. We started out at Mont Blue something...It was kinda funky...stayed for a couple of hours. Then a few of us ended up at Club Vex. We had a great time. Saw George and Matt in the club and hung out with them. We crawled in at 4:30. I can't remember the last time I came home that late. Needless to say I got about 3 hours of sleep we drove home...yes I was a zombie...but we all had a great time! We missed Michelle, Lynda and Maricia who didn't go this year.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Red White Trash and Blue 4th of July BBQ

Nothing like a fun Red White Trash and Blue BBQ for the 4th. We spent the day at Jessica and Shaw's house in Santa Clara. They were remodeling and landscaping their yard so they decided to have the 4th of July party anyway...and had the white trash theme. It was great most everyone dressed up. Fireworks at Central park were great. Good time!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As tears fall

Today I was at work working with Karen in Benicia when I got a call from my best friend Cami and she told me her mother Mimi was killed in an automobile accident. Her nephew was in the car and all she knew was he was still alive. When I heard this I honestly couldn't believe it. I've known them since I was a kid. I just saw her Sunday at the Grad party. My heart sunk my stomach turned my head went foggy. I was in major disbelief. My poor friend...her children...her family. She lost her father about 8 years ago. This really couldn't be happening. Mimi was always so full of life and was a crack up. I loved talking and visiting with her. She looked good for her age of 72. She always lived life to the fullest. I still can't belive it.
I talked to Cami this evening and found out her nephew is ok but still in the hospital.
My prayers go out to Cami and her family. This is a great picture of Cami and her mother Renee (Mimi) I really loved that woman!

Working Daze!

Well...I started my job last week and so far so good. I do like it. Just getting to know the product always takes time and I need to be patient. First week I worked with Thom which was helpful cause he took me around introduced me etc. It's weird being at the Marketing meetings again and all that stuff. Almost feels like I haven't been off work a year.

Weekend was good and was all about graduations!!! Thursday night my neice's 8th grade graduation. Friday night my Godchild Briana's High School Graduation. Saturday went to Ukiah for my neices High School Graduation. All Scott's family was there it was so much fun to see everyone. Sunday went to Hollister for Cami's 3 kid's graduations. Jacob 8th grade, Josh High School and My Godchild Cristal's College grad from Santa Clara University. Very proud of her. Proud of all of them but college is amazing. It was a great visit with Cami's family.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Say Good-Bye to Freedom

Ok...yes...good news...I got a job! I went into Homeguard for my 2nd and final interview on Monday and I was offered the job. I will be doing sales for the Home Inspection/Home warranty company. My territory is Milpitas, East San Jose/Evergreen/down to Gilroy peninsula up to Menlo Park...something like that. I will miss the East Bay and my friends out there...but not the drive. It's always weird to start a new job...the unknown..the people all that. I am looking forward to it though.
So my last week of no work...Monday was the interview went to dinner with my friend and old boss Hilda...Tuesday I had to get new tires then went to see Holly, Frank and Isabella she is about 10 days old. So darn cute. I will miss always being able to just go over on a weekday. Wednesday Shannen's last day of school so I took her to Santana Row we had lunch at Maggianos Jonathan just got off work so he joined us...shopped around and hung out for a bit. It was nice.
Thursday Shannen and I went to SFO to pick up Brittany at Scott's work. We went in and met a lot of people he works with and all that stuff. It was cool. Then us three went to the beach...ahhh how I just love the beach. Went to Santa Cruz kicked back on the beach read my book/slept. Relaxed and listened to the ocean. We took a drive to Capitola and shopped a bit. Friday went to get groceries then Britt Shannen and I went to Santana Row. Jonathan was working at Maggianos so we went to visit him had a snack. Then kicked back in my favorite spot in the sun and read my book and relaxed and people watched. That night Scott and I went to dinner with Trish, Deb and George, had a great time. My last week of freedom was amazing!

Saturday we went to Chantal's birthday BBQ in Menlo Pk. It was fun! Sunday my nieces 6th birthday party at the cool house in Monte Sereno.

It's been a year since I first broke my foot on June 22nd. In a cast for 6 weeks get laid off work end of July...first hospital stay in Aug. on unemployment 6 weeks then back into the hospital for emergency surgery...2nd surgery Jan.18. Off disability end of March. Now I will be back to work.
I'm glad to be done with the events of 2007 but I sure did try and make the best of a bad situation. It is now time to get back to reality and back work.
Life is good!