Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Surgery

Ok...This is IT!!! I sure hope it is. On August 20th I had my hernia surgery. I got several incisional hernias from my previous surgeries...Ugh! Again I was afraid to go into the surgery room the whole thing about being put under the tube down my throat. ICK! It took me forever to wake up. I think I like being asleep..haha The pain was way worse than I thought. The incisions were small but I had quite a few hernias they had to repair. It hurt to move it hurt to sleep blah blah. I was out of work a week. When I got back I just took it easy and stayed in the office and worked. It's been four weeks today and I still have some pain and I am still bloated I feel like a fat cow..argh! I still can't exercise. I know I must be patient and I'm trying. I'm just so sick of recovery! Enough!


The DeVito's said...

yuck! I hope this is really it! Can't wait to see you today!!

iappearjiggy said...

Your blog came up due to similar interests (book). Your blog is great! Hope you're feeling better by now.